Welcome to my space on the internet.  My name is Kathrin and I think creativity is super cool.  I'm a recent grad from FIT in Manhattan, with a BFA in Fabric Styling.  Textiles are my jam, and color is my love language.  I feel the most at peace when holding a paint brush, and I firmly believe in the power of being kind to other humans.  My hometown is Thompson, Connecticut - where cows, chickens, and cornfields are my neighbors.  Four years ago, I moved to a big crowded city that gave me equal parts anxiety and inspiration- but challenged me to dig deep into what I'm called to do with this life I've been given.  Status report: I'm still figuring it out.  In my free time, I care for little kiddos who make me laugh and fill my heart.  Other than that- I'm just a gal who loves fresh air and exploring and using my hands to create.  

This site contains my most recent portfolio work, resume, and travel photos.  Enjoy!